Cubs Get Absolutely Hammered, But Hey This YouTuber is Pretty Damn Awesome

Well, I wish I had something positive to say about my Cubbies today, but unfortunately, we forgot how to play baseball yesterday and got our balls kicked so far into us we ended up shitting them back out at the end of the game.


Just a few quick comments on my thoughts of the game:

1. I knew it was only a matter of time before before Adbert Alozay started giving cock shots (popular baseball term for MEATBALLS aka BATTING PRACTICE) to opposing hitters. Don’t get me wrong he has some talent and we’ve been pretty hyped on his potential since signing him as a teenager, but he hasn’t really completely lived up to that hype yet as he’s had some pretty significant growing pains each time he reached a new level of the minors. So if you continue that trend…he’s going to have some growing pains at this level. Granted, I think when he figures it out, we’ll have a solid #2 guy. I don’t see a true ace in him though.

2. Brad Brach is garbage now and we should replace him. A 5.91 era as a reliever and as often as we throw him in is just atrocious.


Get your shit together dude.

3. Oh Kimbrel…I don’t blame you for a bad outing. I don’t know why this phenomena exists in baseball, but for some reason if you throw closers in non-closing situations, they’re back to little league philosophies and just throwing pitches over the middle of the plate. It happens to a lot of them so I’m not holding this performance against him as long as he’s still a killer when we need him and closes the door on those tight games.

4. Javy hit homer #21 yesterday…I want to see him hit 40 by years end and with the rate that balls are flying out of the yard now – its definitely possible.


Now I just spent a lot of time ragging on my team so I’m going to leave off with a recommendation to check out this YouTube channel I’ve been following for a couple months now. This guy is pretty funny and he’s probably the best at reading lips I’ve ever seen. So if you’ve ever wondered what is said during ejections, fights, or arguments then I highly suggest checking out his page at Jomboy Media.

Here’s one that I really enjoyed and it involved my Cubbies in their last series…

Now I love Strop, but he definitely bitched out of this confrontation hahaha. You can see in his body language that he wanted NOTHING to do with Puig, and for a good reason. PUIG WOULD’VE ATE HIS ASS ALIVE. Oh man, that wouldn’t have even been a competition. In fact, I say that fight would’ve been over in the first 30 seconds. Puig is an animal and he’s just unhinged sometimes. I’ve taken to like some of his antics. In fact, I’ve adopted one of his antics in my own game.

He always licks his bat after a fall ball. I’ve now taken to doing the same thing. Why did I start? No idea lol – just bored I guess trying to liven up a men’s league game. Not going to lie though, the next time I stepped in the batters box I felt like I was in the pitchers head at that point. Their demeanor always changes after they see that and I typically see a FAT mistake over the heart of the plate on the next pitch. Though I’m not Puig so I haven’t capitalized on every one of those pitches….yet.


One last shout out and moment of silence for the passing of Tyler Skaggs yesterday morning. He was a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and spent 7 years in the league. He was on one of my fantasy teams this year and has helped propel that team to a 12-1 record so far. He was only 27 and will be missed in the baseball community as a whole. It’s always sad to hear someone passed away, but even more upsetting when it literally comes out of NOWHERE. Prayers to all his family and friends through this difficult time…

If you’re looking to follow me, check out my Twitter (@eadiaz57) or my Instagram (@edgar.a.diaz.57). Just a heads up, I’m way more active on Instagram. A little surprise to all my Chicago peeps….my next piece is going to be on the White Sox farm system 🤷🏻‍♂️😂. I’m not a Sox fan, but I have some stuff to say there.


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