Need Someone New To Hate? Got A Guy For You

A few short hours ago the extremely heart breaking news that Angels pitcher, Tyler Skaggs passed away this morning.

A 27 year old kid with a bright future not only on but off the field as well. It’s one of those bigger than baseball moments. No matter who you root for or against, it reminds you that these are people at the end of the day. People with family, friends and other loved ones that are suffering a devastating loss.

Then enters this asshole, Dan McLaughlin. Some no-name, bozo former baseball writer that doesn’t have a clue about the timing and severity of the situation.

I mean this with the upmost respect, go fuck yourself Dan. Of course you’re a fucking Mets fan too. Because only some piece of shit that would say that would also be a Mets fan. Can’t wait to watch this loser try to shimmy his way out of this one. If I were a betting man, I’d say he doubles down.

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