Let’s Play A game: Terrorist Attack Or Wedding Proposal


This guy has to have a 2 foot penis. It’s the only way you could possibly get away with this bullshit and keep your girl. You know when her friends see the ring their first question, “how’d he do it?”

“Well, like a real gentleman, he had his closest 5 friends hold us up at gun point wearing ski masks. At the exact moment that I thought this was it, I’m about to die a brutal death, he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. I was speechless, not because he asked me but I was still gripped with paralyzing fear. It was just like the Notebook!!”

I take back everything mean I ever said about proposing at a sporting event. Do that a million times before even thinking about doing this once. Unless you’re trying to live that single life but don’t have the stones to break up with your lady. In that case, do this and boom all the work is done for you. No way a father is paying for a wedding after seeing this shit.


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