KD gets his number retired for some reason

After the fans didn’t accept him. After the medical staff, potentially, changed his career for the worse. After all of the infighting, confirmed and unconfirmed, the Warriors/Kevin Durant era has come to an end but at least they retired his jersey!

This feels like something the Knicks would do not the team who has been dominate for the last 5 years. I just can’t think of a player getting their number retired after only 3 seasons with a team. It just feels a lot like the Heat retiring Jordan’s number even though he never played for them.

Yes, that is a Dan Marino Jersey. Yes, THAT Dan Marino.

Most other franchises I might think twice about clowning on how their front office is full of weirdos who do things like this but then I remembered, Warrior fans are without question the worst shit talkers of all time.

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