If You Ain’t Tampering You Ain’t Trying

Big time tampering news today from Woj. With Free Agency not starting for another 22 hours at the time I’m writing this some people find it weird that deals are all but signed. As Brandeds unofficial NBA insider I am a fan of all types of tampering, unless it is by LeBron because I’m a petty Boston fan. Tampering is good because it makes Twitter entertaining for a few hours and that’s all any of us have to live for.

Quickly looking at the Kemba/Kyrie deal I think the Kyrie one has been obvious for a few weeks and the Kemba one came out of nowhere. A few days ago a report came out that the Celtics were making a push for Kemba but this was already after he said he would consider taking less for Charlotte so I assumed nothing would come of it. That brings us today, the neckbeards and internet trolls are out and about but Kemba is coming home (sort of). Yes Kyrie left, yes Al Horford ripped out my heart and spit in my eye but I was kind of into it. Heres hoping that Kemba brings us back to the promise land and that this report of Horford going to those scumbags in Philly is wrong.



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