We Call This The Beer Necessities

There is not much worse than airline fees. Pay for your seat, pay for the air, pay for the seatbelt, oh you want your seat to recline… Extra charge.

And don’t even get me started on the bag fees.

But some of their rules and regulations are even worse. And one man in Australia was NOT having it.

He was at his gate about to board his plane when they told him he was not allowed to bring his can of beer on the plane. It was part of their “policy.”

He argued and tried to convince them that it was one single can of beer but nope they would not budge. So what they expected was him to throw out the can before entering the walkway..

What they got was much different.

“I would like to check my beer please”

Yes. You heard that right.. My dude CHECKED his single can of beer. The workers were very taken back but had to comply with his request.

When they landed he waited at the baggage claim like everyone else. Except he wasn’t struggling to know which black bag was his… His very valuable piece of property was very easy to spot.

Image – Just Something

I think that is the best picture ever taken at any airport.

Image – Just Something

Now that’s a checked item right there!! It’s going to taste so delicious when he pops that top.

Gif – Just Something

I’ve seen a whole hell of a lot of things at airports but this is one I wish I would see more of!

Not all hero’s are in movies.


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