I Love That Dirty Craig’s First Cubbie Save Was Against A Favorite To Sign Him…Suck It Atlanta!

Finally back to some sports talk, and I get to start with the Cubbie debut of Dirty Craig Kimbrel!

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I actually feel a bit bad for using a BenZo gif here since he’s going through a tough divorce with his Christian Pop Star wife cause she cheated on him (damn, seems like too many good people have hoes in their life right now. Y’all better be careful cause these hoes are out here in numbers these days lol). Anyway, we probably wouldn’t have been able to sign Dirty Craig without Zobrist being away from the team on the restricted list and not getting any pay. So, although I wish for things to work out for Mr. Clutch, a part of me can’t be at least a little appreciative of the team’s good luck in being able to secure one of the game’s most elite closers. There’s also talk that we might be able to have Zobrist rejoin the team in September before the playoffs so it’s a complete win/win for the Cubs right now.

What makes this first game so much sweeter though is the fact that Kimbrel shut the door on the team that originally drafted him, and they were the team that was considered the heavy favorite to sign the prized right-hander this year. There’s also the fact that we won by 2 runs which is exactly how many we were able to score because of Tyler Flowers’ shitty defense and passed balls. I wish Willy was in the game at the time so he could tell Flowers how shitty of a player he is.

Coming on with a two run lead in the ninth, Kimbrel effectively breezed through the first two batters he faced, picking up his first Cub strikeout against his old Atlanta battery mate, Brian McCann. He then started to scuffle a bit, showing small signs of rust, when he then allowed a double to Acuna and walked Dansby almost immediately afterwards. But with some athletic help from Anthony Rizzo, Kimbrel was able to get Freeman to ground out to end the game, giving Dirty Craig his first of many Cubbie saves.

The beard has arrived and he’s filthy.

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