The Gang Helps Ill Children And Family Members

Always Sunny Twitter: The gang wants YOU to join them on the set to drink and film as an extra! Don’t worry, your free labor won’t include bashing rats AND it will support a great cause: The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Enter today:

Founded in 1988 by Paul Newman, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp provides “a different kind of healing” to more than 20,000 seriously ill children and family members annually. For many participants, they provide multiple Camp experiences throughout the year at the camp facility in Connecticut, in more than 40 hospitals and clinics, and through other regional outreach activities across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic. Your donation will allow The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp to continue to provide year-round joy, hope and friendship completely free of charge.
always sunny

The Gang doing big things to help families in need. Amazing opportunity to not only make a difference but also have a really amazing experience. Read everything that comes with this provided for you and a friend:

We hope you can read, because we’ve got news. The Always Sunny gang has added a new member: YOU. What’s up, b*tches! You and a friend will join the cast on set to finally find out why it’s always sunny in Philadelphia (they film in LA!)—and be featured in the background as an extra. You’ll film while your friend cheers you on, maybe work on your dance/karate moves and be part of the funniest show on TV for 13 seasons and counting. Then to celebrate, you’ll share a toast with the gang on the infamous Paddy’s Pub set. Cheers! Flights and hotel included.

This is a deal you can’t pass up. So go to the web site hyperlinked above and donate today. You’ll have a shot at a once in a life time experience and at the worst be helping others. We call this the old win-win.

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