Mike Francesca’s Reaction to the Mets Walk Off Loss is Comedic Gold

The Mets. The god damn Mets. Step right up and meet the miserable mother fucking Mets.
After what was disastrous stretch for the Phillies in which they didn’t win in 9 days, they managed to find the one team  that was a bigger disaster than them.
What a win to cap the 4 game sweep!
Last night, down 4-1 heading into the 7th, things looked grim for the Phils. Then the Mets said to themselves, let’s find a new way to lose. And in typical Mets fashion, they did. After pulling their starter after 77 pitches, the Phillies capped the comeback with a walk-off double from Jay Bruce. The first walk off win of the year.
Fast forward to today. The Mets SOMEHOW SOMEWAY found a way to lose in a worse manner than last night. I’ll let Mike Francesca give you the breakdown:

I don’t mean to poke fun (maybe a little) at Mets fans expense. I’m much more focused on the Bamboo Phillies. But I’m awestruck by the way the Mets are managed, the way the Mets play, and the way the Mets lose. I do not know how you root for that team and keep your sanity. Think of all the Mets/Knicks fans who aren’t getting KD this week but have to continue to root for those two teams. It’s a cruel insanity no one deserves and I don’t even mean that as a troll.
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