Mid Way Equity Rankings

Yessssssssssssssssssssssss. Third edition and the half way point of the equity rankings. If you are new to this and just catching up. In January I, greatest owner (governor??) of all time announced I’d be giving away equity in Branded to one of the content team members. Just giving away something I own out of the pure goodness of my heart. Please make sure to give me credit.

Any who, since the last edition we’ve added bloggers and podcasters. Also with us being more than half way through the year it’s the perfect time for an updated rankings.

Podcast Rankings:



  1. CG Pod (10)
  2. MayesCast (9)
  3. Crowding The Plate (8)
  4. Avoiding ReALIty (7)
  5. BLP (6)


The battle for podcast dominance will be interesting. BLP and Avoiding ReALIty are going to be fighting with Dubs and Kmess the rest of the year. CTP is about to pass MayesCast numbers and will looking up at Sarge’s brown eye soon enough.

Blogger Rankings:

  1. Ali (10)
  2. Chuckles (9)
  3. Ru (8)
  4. Murt (7)
  5. Kmess (6)
  6. Erik (5)
  7. Dubs (4)
  8. Joey Boats (3)
  9. Eddie (2)
  10. Glock (1)

New queen of the clicks. Once again, I take myself out of this because I’m still captain clicks. I don’t want to talk about me,it’s about the other members of the team but understand I’m still the best. That’s all I’ll say about me (aka top click getter.) Biggest take aways here: Erik is still getting traction from a 2018 blog that went crazy, new guy Eddie is flying up the board and Chuckles had the biggest jump from 7th to 2nd.

Official Rankings:bddUD5Sp_400x400.jpg

  1. Ali (17)
  2. Kmess (14)
  3. Dubs (12)
  4. Sarge (10)
  5. Chuckles (9)
  6. Mayes (9)
  7. Ru (8)
  8. Eddie (8)
  9. Murt (7)
  10. Erik (5)

So there we have it. New leader in the club house. Hate the rankings because you want Kmess to be first or you’re team Ru. Go to their page and read all their blogs. Clicks on clicks on clicks on clicks. 

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