Love at first Uber Ride

Scrolling around Twitter minding my own business until I just came across something that I couldn’t ignore…

Wait.. Wait what?? A love letter from an Uber driver? That can’t be the creepiest/funniest thing of all time or anything.

I need to know more. I have to see what this love letter consisted of. Did he mail it? No one uses mail anymore right? Did he take a detour during an Uber trip today?

“Uhh sorry just need to swing over to this house to drop something off it will only take a minute.”

Thankfully… Melissa is delivering the goods!


“To the young lady I dropped off last night”

This can’t be real. It’s just too good.

Open it!!

Ok, that handwriting looks EXACTLY how I imagined and how I wanted an Uber drivers handwriting to look that was writing a love letter to a former passenger.

Good thing he corrected the O with an I in think there… Might have been weird if he wrote “I THONK you are” great catch Tom!

I think this is just the sweetest thing ever and Melissa is in no danger at all. Hey at least one sure your Uber rating has skyrocketed from this.

Please let us know when you text him (because obviously you will.)

but if not… I understand.


WAIT… Is this a “thing” that Uber Drivers really do??

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