LeBron Finally Found The One Person He Can Use To Sell Space Jam 2 Tickets

It’s no secret LeBron has been having trouble casting for “his” version of Space Jam 2. In a time where nostalgia is high and everything is being remade and making millions, no one wants their name associated with this one. I was personally invested the minute I heard Klay was appearing, but now LeBron has found the one name he can attach that will actually sell tickets.


That’s right, Stephen A is going to be in Space Jam 2. I don’t know how big of a check LeBron had to cut for this appearance but Stephen A’s whole brand is his voice, so probably a lot. We’re definitely getting a few STAY OFF THE WEEEEEEED! jokes. Cowboys fans are lucky LeBron won’t allow it because he is a huge Cowboys fan.

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Good for Stephen A. He’s just always in the right place at the right time. Struggling to book talent in your upcoming billion dollar movie that people are going to spend money hate watching? Nowhere else to turn but Stephen A. He’s not an NBA player, he doesn’t give a shit if people think he’s a pussy for aligning with Lebron. Matter of fact NBA players probably respect it. He’s taking one for the team and getting the Brinks truck to do it.

The king of the trolls went on Twitter when his mentions started going up to completely clarify everything:

As usual, perfect execution by America’s sweetheart. If they can get Skip to join too this might actually be a blockbuster. We don’t even need LeBron–Space Jam 2 will just be an animated full length version of First Take. Like Celebrity Deathmatch for the NBA. I think I just invented the next hit show and it will cost LeBron a lot.


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