Fake Eyelash dude being hailed boyfriend of the year..

So apparently fake eyelashes are a thing. (I had no idea because my wife has fantastic eyelashes.) However others must wear these to get that “pop” on their eyes that make people say… WOW.

But apparently they can be expensive and losing them is NOT an option. Well one girl from Guam got a taaaaaad but tipsy and decided to rip those babies right off her eyes.

And, as we all know keeping things in order when drinking is not usually a priority. So she put them down and went on with her partying.

Enter… Boyfriend of the century.

Apparently this dude saw this issue happening in real time and stepped in. No one wants to have that frantic girlfriend, fiancé or wife the morning after drinking.. Hungover and angry that they misplaced some important shit.

So what did my man do…


Wait does it really matter which is right and which is left??

Now that is some next level stuff right there. He saved himself a whole lot of aggregation.. Probably got laid and over 23K RT’s and 200K likes on Twitter he is now being hailed as a “hero” and a “saint.”


I mean the dude is practically the king of the world now. Hope for her sake his head doesn’t get too big…


And now Keani is now even pushing the lashes online!


What a world we live in.

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