The Philly Insider… From Outside of Philly. Welcome Dave Esser To The Brand

Alright I get it, I have some explaining to do. How exactly can someone who markets themselves as a Philadelphia sports “insider” be from outside of Philly? Well let me tell you.

My name is David Esser and I am current rising Junior at the University of Maryland. I spent the majority of my childhood growing up in the suburbs surrounding our beloved city of Philadelphia, and I’ve been a 4/4 fan my entire life. I was at the 2008 Phillies World Series parade, I made the drive up for the Eagles Super Bowl parade in 2018, I’ve been to countless Sixers games, and I was out there in right field screaming my head off for Bryce Harper when he made his return to Washington DC.



My passion for Philadelphia sports runs deep, as I am sure you all can relate. Halfway through middle school my family made the big decision of moving to Maryland, a decision I am still upset with to this day. For anyone who hasn’t experienced it, being a Philly fan in the heart of Maryland is simply miserable. Everyone is either a whiny Washington or a whiny Baltimore fan, and none of them share the same commitment to their teams as we do.

Towards the end of my sophomore year at UMD, I started getting fed up with the lack of fellow Philly fans around me, and started forcing my friends to listen to me rant about how good Carson Wentz actually was, how Harper was going to sign for us, etc etc. I actually successfully converted a few of my roommates into 76ers fans during the playoffs (mainly because I hounded them all to watch it with me). Eventually, my one close friend got so fed up with that he told me to just start writing about it instead.

Thus, the Philly Sports Insider was born, I started up a website and a Twitter account, and just started talking sports to whoever would listen. Less than 2 months later I have close to 500 amazing followers on Twitter and a job with an awesome team at Branded Sports.

It’s been a really exciting couple of weeks, expressing my voice and interacting with others in the community is the highlight of every single day for me. When it comes to Branded, I’ve been brought on strictly as a Philly beat writer so expect a lot of Eagles, 76ers, Phillies and Flyers content.

Whether it’s hot (sometimes cold) takes, player reviews, roster coverages, or just talking about the typical drama that seems to come with our sports teams, there should be a little bit for everyone here. I’m super pumped to be reaching a whole new audience and I promise to work my butt off to give you guys the best Philly coverage possible.

Go toss me a follow on Twitter to stay up to date with everything I’m doing, my DMs are always open.


-David Esser via Philly Sports Insider

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