Stranger Things Season 3 is Nearly Here

I hate to admit it but I was severely peer pressured into watching Stranger Things just for me to find out half the internet thought they should’ve only done one season. Well here we are, I just binged both seasons of Stranger Things to prepare for season 3 coming out on July 4th so now you all have to read me complain about it.

Alright I won’t complain too much, I actually thought it was pretty good. For sure not one of the best tv shows of all time but its a solid show. I think Netflix has done a really good job with its originals and Stranger Things is no different. Season 1 is ridiculously better than S2, way too much of the Byers family for my liking. Also, them opening S2 with Elevens Indian sister then only showing her for like ten minutes the rest of the season actually made me mad.

The final season 3 trailer was released last week and I don’t know what I think. I mean I know what I think I just don’t know how to say I don’t think it looks very good without just saying it looks fucking dumb. Whoa. That was much easier than I thought it would be. I’ve misjudged trailers before so don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet, I’ll give it a fair chance and come in with all my hot takes after the season comes out because I am a blogger with integrity! I’m not… but I’ll wait till I see S3 to be a total dick about it.

I’ve seen mixed responses about this. I have to agree with John here, having the monster just infect someone else after it left Will is dumb (especially it being someone the kids already know and is already a dickhead) but the show set Billy up to be a bad guy so this is the easiest person to make into the monster without introducing another bad guy.


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