Luka Doncic Won ROY. Now The Real Debate, His Girlfriend Or Mom. Who Ya Got?

Luka Doncic took home Rookie Of The Year for the NBA last night. The guy definitely deserved it, he’s a walking highlight reel. And since we’re talking highlight reels, how about his mom and girlfriend. Just crushing the game. So the question needs to be addressed, girlfriend or mom, who ya got?

Ummmmm, this is a no contest. Mama bear by a mile. Can’t think of anything harder to deal with than being the girlfriend to a guy with a mom that is an absolute rocket. No way that ends well. The only thing that might be worse is being the guy with the smoke show mom. No way that doesn’t get brought up at every practice, game, social event, etc. Really what I’m saying is the only winner is Mrs. Doncic

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