Kansas City Radio Host Drags Andy Reid’s Personal Life (AKA Dead Son) Into A Conversation About His Coaching

First off before you hear the clip, fuck this guy.

Dragging a man’s dead son into a conversation about his ability to coach a football team, is about the most lowlife thing you can do. I don’t know this radio host but I’m hoping he gets cut ASAP. Saying discipline is not his thing and insinuating that somehow Andy Reid’s lack of discipline caused or assisted his son to overdose is so wildly inappropriate I can’t even wrap my mind around it. Saying he couldn’t fix his family and that is somehow relevant in his coaching ability. Absolute low blow.

But what do you do when everyone’s mad at you for being a piece of shit? Do you come out in formally apologize for making a stupid statement? Nope. You double down if you’re Kevin.

Talk about panic mode and trying to backtrack your way out of this. I just hope the radio station does the right thing, we’ve seen in this town people get in trouble for less. You wanted your hot take Kevin, now you got it. So don’t run from it, don’t be a little baby back bitch.

Featured Image: Kevin’s Twitter

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