73 Year Old Grandmother takes on a Cobra in PA!

A few weeks ago I wrote about “Zombie Sneaks” all across America and including PA. Well, now it’s time for another sneak Story. But this one is cool as shit.

A cobra tried to mess with a Pennsylvania great-grandmother and she was having none of it! She encountered the venomous Cobra on the property of her apartment in Falls Township, PA.

Kathy Kehoe saw the 4-5 foot sneak and decided she needed to open up a can of whoop ass on the snake!

Patch “”I opened the door. I said a bad word. ‘It’s a cobra.’ I knew right away,” Kehoe told the station.“”

I said a bad word is laugh out loud funny and makes me love this woman even more than I did just hearing to fought a snake.

Patch “”She told 6ABC, as the snake slithered into her yard, she grabbed a shovel and “did the deed.”

“He went this way. I stalked him and when he got over to here, I tapped his tail. He went up and that’s when I did the deed and held him there,” she said.”

SHE DID THE DEED… YES GRANDMA YES! She didn’t call the cops, she didn’t cry, scream or run… She got a god damn shovel and did the god damn deed!

GRANDMA 1 cobra 0

I think she should be named “The Deed Doer” and needs to have a PA Holiday named after her.

With all the craziness in the news lately it’s great to see a kickass fun story like this. Go get em granny!!


Feature Image – @JeffChirico

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