This Breakdown Of The Gabe Kepler Ejection Deserves An Award Of Some Sort

This Jomboy account has been doing these breakdown videos for a little bit now (since I noticed, the guy could have been doing them for years) and they are all can’t miss. He gives you whats actually being said and peppers in some comedy relief as well. I’m obsessed and recommend that you give him a follow asap.

As for Kapler, atta boy. This team needs some type of juice. Did it result in a win? No but thank you for a little fire in the belly. With that being said, fuck the Pillies are tough to watch right now. June 2019 feels like August/September 2018. Can’t pitch, can’t hit and no sign of a win in sight. I even have @kmess22 sending me videos of Rivera pitching and I must say. He’d be a big time upgrade from whatever the Phils are throwing out there each night.

Let me put this in perspective for you. 10 games ago the Phillies had a 3.5 game lead over the Braves. Today they are 6.5 back. That is jaw droppingly depressing. MPGA Make Phillies Great Again!!!!

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