Mugshot Monday: The Many Mugshots of Lindsay Lohan


Happy Happy Monday y’all! Here’s to another edition of the segment that had swept the nation. MUGSHOT MONDAY.

Today… Someone that the 30 (something’s) grew up with. Someone that was so adorable and cute playing twins in the Parent Trap.

Image – Buzzfeed

Well… After getting into some mischief in that movie, little ms. Lindsay has gotten herself into a little bit of real life trouble.

Multiple times.

And each mugshot gets better and better. Each of her SIX mugshots say a little something different about her personality.

Image – Redbubble

I mean from her first to her last she defiantly became a pro at taking Mugshots. In her first she looks like a scared little girl, and in her last she looks like she’s either going to kill or have sex with the person taking the picture.

You can also see the evolution of her plastic surgery and it is fascinating. I believe her face was completely frozen in the third mugshot and even if she wanted to give some sort of smirk, she physically could not.

Image – The FW

How about a bonus. Check out this amazing timeline of Lindsay and her father Micheal’s mugshots, mashed up together.

Image – The Twist

Gif – Giphy

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