Don’t Call it an Upset, 100 Thieves vs Cloud 9

Back to back wins for 100 Thieves and this time it was against one of the top teams in the LCS. Going into the game I wrongly predicted Cloud 9 to win in convincing fashion but this game was close for a long time, fights going both ways most of the match and C9 were stacking dragons. It appeared to be a long shot for 100T.


Going off of the team comp alone 100T have the edge in my opinion and then when C9 spent 3 flashes at level 1 to kill Amazing the doubt started to creep in.

that play definitely set Amazing back for a little bit but in the end it didn’t end up mattering. This will go down as Bangs LCS coming out party. 100T have been disappointing with Bang on the roster which is surprising with his resume but he was a FORCE this week. 100 Thieves roster is a bit shaky but with Ryu back to playing mid and the bot lane synergy with Aphromoo and Bang coming together I think they have finally put last split behind them and are going to turn it up for the rest of summer.

This fight was the deciding factor in the game and all of C9s early game shenanigans and all of their dragons ended up meaning absolutely nothing. Great team fight all around but the Flash, QSS from Bang was the icing on the cake. 100 Thieves win and its onto Flyquest tomorrow.


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