We got NBA Beef!

If you didn’t already know I love hip hop but I love beef more than anything. With the sports world hitting a little lul here until NBA free agency gets started I am looking for anything to entertain myself and luckily we have NBA rap beef. This is the first rap beef i can remember involving NBA guys since Shaq dissed Kobe. Basically Marvin Bagley said Dame doesn’t want this work and Dame felt some type of way.

For the most part I think Dame is kind of corny and makes bad music but this is decent. I don’t hate it, very typical money talk but the beat and the west coast vibe is strong here. I would say Marvin got him this round, though.

It’s close but I got Marvin 1-0. If we’re lucky they can keep this up for a few more days because this week is going to DRAG. I mean we could watch baseball but… P U.


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