This Is Hands Down The Most Impressive Thing You’ll See Today

Aladin Art from Damnthatsinteresting

You see these street art performers all the time. They start spry painting and you think to yourself “this doesn’t look like anything. Actually it looks like shit if we’re being honest.” Then at the end “Holy shit!! It was upside down the entire time???!?!!? This has to be worth a billion dollars right?!”

But this Aladdin one takes the cake. When it goes glow in the dark at the end. Game over. There is no way this painting isn’t valued at six figures. Like, there’s now Picasso could do that. No fucking shot. The guy could barely get a regular face right and you think he can go three levels deep with glow in the dark spray paint? This guy is 10x a better artist than that fraud Picasso.


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