One Thing Lost In The Draft Shuffle Last Night. Kawhi Is Coming To Philly

Talk about a Woj bomb last night.

Just throwing that in there like it’s no big deal. Sixers getting shots to sign the best player in the NBA in back to back offseasons? Love that. My first thought is that this is simply a meeting like LeBron’s last year. Sort of out of respect he takes a meeting or his people do but it will not ultimately lead to him coming to Philly.

Buuuuuuuuutttttt, why not Philly? Kawhi comes here he’d be avoiding the same mistake that destroyed LeBron’s season this year. If James signed with the Sixers last summer, there would have been a parade down broad street. No doubt in my mind. Shit, Philly should have won the whole damn thing with out LeBron. So if Kawhi decides to avoid that pitfall and link up with Simmons and Embiid…….well, let’s put it simply like this: I’d be rock hard for an entire year.

But maybe I’m dreaming too big…..or maybe…

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