Well This Wawa Goer May Have Just Changed The Pumping Gas Game Forever

There are all these new videos out there showing life hacks. They have gotten to the point where I’m not sure if I’m even walk correctly anymore. The garlic one from earlier this week had me running out to Giant immediately. Spoiler alert, I fucked it up. But this woman getting gas at Wawa has officially stolen the show.

wawa 2.PNG

Welp that’s that for pumping your gas the old way. It’s either this way or keep it fucking moving. If I had to take a wild shot in the dark, I’m guessing she’s from a state where gas is pumped for them. She found herself in the great state of PA and this is the result. When your hand is forced you have to make tough and quick decisions. I tip my cap for her being so brave and innovative.

If she’s not from out of state then she forgot which side her tank was one and decided to hedge her bet. Which I can equally respect. Just ignored the little arrow or doesn’t know what it means. And if you’re reading this saying to yourself “what little arrow?” Next time you get in your car look at the fuel gage, there will be the image of a pump. On either side of that pump with be an arrow. Whichever way it points, that’s the side of your car the tank is on. Boom. You’re welcome.

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