The Boston Celtics Offseason is in SHAMBLES Right Now

Look, it’s no secret that Kyrie Irving is out the door for the Boston Celtics once Free Agency hits on June 30th. That dude has had a piss poor attitude basically all season. His foot was more than out the door onto Brooklyn before the final buzzer sounded and the Celtics got the shit kicked out of them one last time against the Bucks.

But, if you thought that was a rough start to the summer for the Celts, it’s gotten even worse:

Cus Crise!!!
If the Celtics offseason were a hangover, it’d be the one where you wake up with a headache and it then progresses into the one where you think you’re going to throw up all day. It started horribly and still found a way to decline.
Losing Kyrie has been in the cards for awhile. But, losing Horford seems like it could be a gut punch. Unlike Kyrie, he was actually a leader. Not to mention, insanely efficient on the court. I understand the Celtics being weary of giving a four year deal to a 33 year old front court player. But, losing two all-stars in the same summer is not exactly fun.
All that being said, if I know one thing about Boston sports, I know this is far from the end. They will fall ass backwards into a superstar somehow. That’s just the way the universe works.
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