If You’re Kawhi, Why WOULDN’T You Leave…?

So it’s Tuesday and I have absolutely NOTHING to blog about. The Bruins fell to the Blues last Wednesday night, the Raptors capped off the NBA season a night later, and I’ll have to wait another couple months before the next golf major. We’re officially in the Endgame right now until football picks up steam, but I have a few thoughts on NBA free agency, which has become a spectacle in itself.

Most people hate on this era of “player empowerment” we live in and I have no idea why. When Kevin Durant took his talents to Golden State, every talking head on the planet ripped the move, essentially insinuating Durant’s a huge pussy for joining a team he was one game away from beating a year earlier. For the record, he absolutely was, but I’m not going to sit here and act like it didn’t give the NBA landscape some juice for the next few seasons.

People who say they want parody are liars. They’re the same people who say they want defense in the NFL. Sure, it would be great to see a more level playing field; however, at the same time, powerhouses put asses in seats. Superstars fill the rafters. You need villains in sports and that’s exactly what Durant gave us. Not to mention, he further perpetuated a climate where loyalty is for the birds and the tides in Vegas can shift on a moment’s notice.

As we head into this free agency period, we’ve already seen one of the dominoes fall. LeBron finally managed to yank Anthony Davis’ ass to the Lake Show and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Kyrie or Kemba head there as well. You just never know with this league…

Aside from that though, arguably the biggest name left to show their hand is Kawhi Leonard—the same guy who just dismantled his second career dynasty. With Durant’s age and recent injury, it’s tough to claim there’s anyone else with more leverage heading into the war room than him right now, which is exactly what’s confusing me.

Everyone and their mother keeps asking the same question: Why would Kawhi leave Toronto right now? To which I respond, “Idk man, it’s fucking cold…”

If you’re Kawhi Leonard, why wouldn’t you leave right now? If there was ever a situation where you could leave a city high and dry, it’s this one. Everyone keeps saying he should stay because he’d be a legend in that city. Ummm, I’m pretty sure the guy’s already a legend in Toronto.

I mean, it’s not like the Kyrie situation where he rolled in and singlehandedly imploded a 5-year rebuilding process before heading for the door. The guy showed up for a cup of coffee and spearheaded the franchise’s only championship since 1995. That’s cold-blooded mercenary shit right there.

Also, if he leaves and wins yet another championship as the lead dude for a third team, that’s a TOUGH legacy to dismiss. Kawhi seems like a guy who just wants to play ball, and given the prospect of an achievement like that, I don’t see why he’d stay.

Not to mention, the most probable landing destination is in LA with the Clippers, right where he grew up. The whole “homecoming” aspect is such a trump card. It’s kind of like when someone mentions they don’t drink and you want to give them shit but their reasoning has to do with their father being an alcoholic or something. Just one of those “ahh fuck, whatever” type deals where although you disagree, it’s completely understandable.

So yeah, if he goes, he goes. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t. Given the current climate of the league, there’s no telling what his chances will be at either destination but the one thing we can be certain of that we’ll get one of those ridiculous, P Diddy “I’m Coming Home” montages at the Staples Center if the ghost of Donald Sterling can pull some strings…

– Joey Boats (@joey_boats)

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