Wow Did You Guys All Know Soccer Star Julie Ertz, Currently Playing For The USWNT, Is Married To A Football Player?

Julie Ertz is a bad bitch. Like most people I don’t care too much about soccer, but will throw in a few “#USWNT are bad bitches” tweets. When I think of Julie Ertz, I think soccer first. Her husband is not mentioned until the 4th or 5th section of her Wikipedia page. Growing up she won the state title 9 times and was the captain of her team. She has a ton of player of the year awards and was the 3rd overall pick in the 2014 NWSL College Draft. She’s won a World Cup, been a FIFA All Star, and played in the Olympics. Played against the best people on the entire planet and won. On Monday, she scored a goal in the USWNT 3-0 win over Chile. I don’t think they’ve given up a goal yet.

Her husband happens to be Zach Ertz. He plays tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles and does have one Super Bowl ring, thanks to Tom Brady for not being able to throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. He was picked in the 2nd round of the 2013 draft. He isn’t bad on the eyes either.


His Wikipedia page isn’t half as long as hers. So I’m just wondering why every headline needs to refer to Julie Ertz the soccer superstar as “Zach Ertz’s wife”. Is the story only worth reporting on because an NFL player is involved? I’m all about investigating athletes and their relationships (see: all my past work) but this story is about Julie Ertz playing–and playing well–in the World Cup. Maybe throw in a picture of her playing soccer and Zach running up to kiss her.

Imagine if we reported every time someone married to an athlete was granted a day off of work because of it? A handful of these wives and girlfriends are doctors, lawyers, nerdy tech people that have regular jobs. If their husband was playing in the Super Bowl, they might try to get the day off. No one would click on that article. Adam Thielen’s wife took a Summer Friday to go the the Vikings game in London doesn’t get pageviews.

Philadelphia Eagles star tight end Zach Ertz has been granted leave from the team’s mini-camp so he can watch his wife, Julie, compete in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Ertz is married to Team USA defensive midfielder Julie Ertz.

Julie Ertz can’t through a postgame interview, Twitter Q&A or an Instagram live without a question about her husband. I’m sure she doesn’t care because I’d be willing to talk about it if Zach Ertz was my husband, but every god damned time? What does anyone think they are going to get interviewing Zach at his wife’s game? Most of the top tweets when you search Julie Ertz on Twitter are reporters asking Zach what he thinks about the critique of the team running up the score. Nevermind the fact that she headbutted in a fucking awesome goal, which is the actual story. It’s just not clickbait-y enough. Most Zach Ertz postgame interviews don’t include questions about his wife.

I don’t mean to take a strong feminist stance, I don’t really care about soccer either. But judging by my research, Julie Ertz is much more than Zach Ertz’s wife. Come up with a better headline, like the one from this blog that most people will read on Twitter and reply in the comments without understanding the sarcasm. At least it’s effort.


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