The Only Thing OJ Is Worse At, Next To Convincing People He Didn’t Murder His Wife, Is Fantasy Football

Good God juice, you sure you ever played in the league before? First off, a QB #1?!? Never. That is some rookie ass drafting. Yes Patty is going to light it up but you never go QB 1st overall. Second Ty Hill? The man that broke his kid’s arm? That one actually makes sense for OJ if you think about it. So fine, I’ll give him a pass there.

But then it really goes off the rails. Baker or RGIII? Love Baker but not shot he’ll even be a top 5 maybe not even a top 10 quarterback fantasy points wise. He’s going to be good but not even first 8 rounds good. And RGIII??!!?!? He’s not even a starter!! What are you talking about OJ? Get him off twitter. Not because he’s (allegedly) a cold blooded murderer but because I can’t have this nonsense on the timeline.

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