How can the Celtics stay competitive?

Mini Woj bomb earlier today, Horford opting out to sign a team friendlier deal has been talked about for awhile now and it’s no shock that it’s playing out this way. So, the question becomes who do the Celtics sign to make all of this worth it?

Kyrie is 99.9% gone and if you’re one of the idiots on Twitter who think that’s a good thing hit me up so I can dunk on you like I’ve done to everyone else. You can’t replace his talent level and you’ve now committed to the young guys so in my head you have to lean into it. Sign players for chemistry and team fit.

If Horford will sign for about $20 million under bird rights that will open up $21 million for the Celtics to spend, not including draft pick signings, it isn’t enough for the top tier free agents but it should be enough to stay competitive in the East (All of this is assuming my math and knowledge of the NBA salary cap is correct, big yikes). You’re not getting Middleton or D. Lo with $20 million so don’t even ask, I think it’s time our lord and savior returns home. That’s right, number one Free Agent target should be… Rondo!

Rondo wouldn’t be the worst signing if they don’t match whatever Rozier gets offered, and they shouldn’t, but in all seriousness if Danny doesn’t want Rondo back Pat Bev is an animal but after this years playoffs everyone knows it. Try and get some combo of Rondo/Pat Bev, Danny Green/JJ Reddick or try and steal Bobby Portis/Willy Cauley-Stein.

This off season should be one of the more exciting ones, for all Celtic fans I hope Danny takes some risks and Brown/Tatum both take a huge step forward.


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