Gary Woodland’s Putting Coach Put A Twitter Troll In A Body Bag Last Night

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Love when people respond to Twitter trolls. One of my favorite things that happens on the greatest website in the world. People turn into keyboard warriors, @ famous people and just think it will never turn on them.

So you love to see Gary Woodland’s putting coach hammer Phil for his awful take after Gary took home the US Open Championship. Suck it Pat. Now full disclosure, I along with most people, were rooting for a Gary Woodland OB hit yesterday. Not even to lose the tournament bu just to make it more interesting. Playoff golf is a beautiful thing. If Tiger isn’t in contention, I’m rooting for playoff golf every single time.

So congrats to Gary but next time if your Blake Bortles looking ass wouldn’t mind tossing one in the drink. We’d all really appreciate it.

Featured Image: Golf Digest

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