Michelle Beadle is mad people are bringing this clip up

Beadle is letting her Spurs fandom show a little bit. I don’t have any issue with what she said and hindsight is always 20/20 but what a tough look, you bash a guy for wanting to leave your team because they won’t let him get healthy on his terms and the very next year he wins the title. Tough pill to swallow. Her take in the clip is how I imagine most Spurs fans felt at the time but when you say this AND he wins on a new team you’re going to get slandered online.

I’m not saying I condone these guys DMing her wild shit but it’s to be expected. I just think if you’re giving your clearly bias opinion on national tv when you are proven a billion percent wrong you got hold that. That’s the hot take culture we live in, if you wanna say wild dumb shit for clicks and views you have to be prepared for the dumpster fire that follows. At least she’s handling this better then that shmuck Skip.

That’s just one of many that Clown Bayless tweeted after the game, guess he’s still not over Kawhi leaving. Unlucky.


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