Double Shot At Love With DJ Pauly D And Vinny Episode 11 Recap: Featuring Ronnie’s New Teeth

Brittnay has survived her mental breakdown, but barely. The girls are asking her if she’s going to do anything differently now and she says she’s going to make out with both of them. Honestly a great idea but I bet she doesn’t.

Nikki texts Pauly to secretly meet her in private, which is actually standing right in front of the huge open window in front of 3 other girls napping and eating a bowl of lettuce. They make out for a few minutes, the girls watch, and then everyone goes about their day.

Turns out, today all of the girls’ families and friends are coming to the house. I still think there’s really too many girls left to be bringing families into this, the Bachelor has me trained me. Everyone seems terrified of who might come to visit them and there are concerns of people’s brothers head butting Vinny and Pauly. I’d like to see them try it. Every single one of them has major family issues. I thought mine were bad. If I was on a dating show I’d feel a little scared of what potentially problematic things my dad might say on TV but basically just like oh cool my parents and maybe my one friend are coming if it’s on a weekend. If this is like a Wednesday they’d probably fly my cat out.

Pauly and Vinny say that today, they are Paul and Vincent, and it’s so weird to think of DJ Pauly D as just Paul. He should legally change his name to Pauly. Same with Vincent to be honest.

The families and friends start to arrive and seem pretty normal. We’ve got parents and siblings and gay best friends. So far no one for Nikki and they are playing Lana del Ray in the background; things are getting very emo. It’s all building for someone to show up for Nikki and would you look at that, the cab with Nikki’s cool cousin is heah.

They enjoy a light 6 course meal and this show better be sponsored by Tums. That’s a lot of carbs for the keto guido. Nikki’s cousin drops a bomb that Nikki is clingy. Pauly is so blinded by the highlighter he doesn’t seem to care.

After dinner everyone heads to the club aka the basement of this rental house. It’s exactly the scene you’d envision with a group of 70 year old parents who just ate a 7 course meal and have been drinking whiskey. There’s some sort of weird line dancing happening and randomly the guys will pull a family member aside for a one-on-one. Overall seems like a low key fun kind of night, with no physical altercations or verbal ones either, unfortunately.

The next day, the cab ceremony is heah and we’re now texting each girl to come downstairs one by one. Elle, safe. Nikki, in the clear. Alysse is gucci, Maria and her perfect boobs too. We’re down to Brittnay and Derynn and I just realized there are some tough spellings in this group. 3 weeks after I thought she would, Brittnay’s cab is heah. She’s devastated she has to go back to her teenage daughter, which is understandable.

The episode isn’t over! We’ve got some more visitors and everyone immediately guesses that Ronnie is coming. Derynn is worried about covering up her boobs and I don’t blame her. You don’t want to get sucked into anything with Ronnie. The most stunning part of the night is not that JWoww and Ronnie are here, it is that Ronnie has a new mouth. I mean the things are bleach white. They look like plastic. Sammi Sweetheart is somewhere cackling. No one from Jersey Shore is afraid of a little plastic surgery, but Ronnie’s teeth are the worst yet. I respect this show for confronting it head on and openly making fun of him for it. The four of them sit down to warn Ronnie not to creep anyone out, a new low even for Ronnie.

Immediately upon meeting these girls, JWoww announces she has also invited her friend, an old guy and an owner of a lie detector kit. We’ll find out these very accurate results next week.


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