First Zombie Deer… Now Zombie Snakes in PA??!!

If you remember a few months ago I wrote an article about an apparent Zombie Deer outbreak in the US and it had reached PA. That is some scary ass shit. But it seems like it’s getting worse!

ZOMBIE SNAKES… No not Sneaks on a plane… Fuckin ZOMBIE SNAKES. This can’t be right.. This can’t be real… Can it??

The Patch “If you comes across what appears to be a lifeless snake in the woods this summer, be aware that it could be very much alive. North Carolina officials have alerted residents about a creepy snake that also can be found in Pennsylvania”

Umm excuse me?

The Patch “If approached, the hognose snake may attempt to fool the intruder by rolling over and “playing dead,” a profile of the snake states on the commission website. “A few convulsive jerks may first set the stage and then with mouth agape and tongue hanging out, the performance ends with the body frozen in place. If picked up, the snake suddenly goes limp. But returned upright to the ground it again quickly rolls over on its back, apparently forgetting it is ‘dead.'”

Ok, that sounds terrifying but at least it’s not “really dead” and coming at you. Just don’t fuck with these things.

Image – Interesting Engineering

Kill them.. Kill them all!


Feature Image – Animal Lovers

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