Robert De Niro’s Wife Wants Half Of His $500 Million In Divorce And It’ll Shock You Whose Side I’m On

The estranged wife of Robert De Niro hopes to secure half of his $500 million bag, according to reports. At least that’s how much she says he’s worth. The chances of Grace Hightower getting the $250 million might be slim since their prenup that dates back to to 2004 allows her to get a $6 million apartment, $500,000 in cash and $1 million for alimony every year.

First of all investigating Robert De Niro’s love life was one of the more head tilting moments of my blogging career. I feel like I only recently discovered that Robert De Niro has been married twice to almost identical twin women but I forgot about it and then just learned it all over again. I find it creepy when someone dates multiple people that look exactly the same, like I’m learning about their fetishes.

Robert De Niro and his soon to be ex wife Grace Hightower have been married since 1997; 22 years. That’s a long ass time, especially for a powerful man in Hollywood. Ordinarily I would say any wife of 22 years to a man who probably has been fucking strippers and models who were born in 1997 deserves to get her half, but I just can’t say I agree in this case.

If you want to make a case for inflation, you could argue she should be entitled to a little more than $1 mill a year, $500K and a nice apartment. Granted a real bad bitch would have put something in the tiny print about that, but you can’t just go from living that Robert De Niro lifestyle to a million a year. It’s just too much of a culture shock at once.

But if you want half of the entire fortune of Robert De Niro you would have had to have been with him since like Godfather years. De Niro was 54 when they got married. He has been only been nominated for one Oscar their entire marriage, and it was for Silver Linings Playbook. You have to be with him shooting in the gym if you want to split the account lady. This isn’t Jeff Bezos shit, married him before the billions. The prenup was signed in 2004, when they renewed their vows after separating 5 years before. She’s either a horrible negotiator or just really hoped her husband wouldn’t make it this far.

De Niro insists that it plainly irons out what Hightower should get. Hightower says the prenup also allows her to get half of what he has made since they got remarried. Since 2004, De Niro has starred in several films including Meet The Fockers in 2004, Silver Linings Playbook in 2012 and The Intern in 2015. He also has a stake in the Nobu sushi chain. On top of that, she wants half of what he brought in via his share in Tribeca Grill, the Greenwich Hotel and Canal Productions. –BlackSportsOnline

I’m a little confused on if this is saying the prenup definitely said she gets half his earnings after their marriage but sounds fair. That’s all of the Fockers money AND The Intern?! Plus Nobu?? And she still wants half the rest? If I’m Judge Judy I’m siding with De Niro on this one. Case closed.



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