Is JJ Watt The World’s Best Wedding Planner?

Yes JJ Watt does a ton of charity work and he always seems to be trying to do the right thing. But my goodness, he can feel insufferable at times. Also posting work out and patting himself on the back. But this, this might be the wildest brag I’ve ever witnessed.

Move over J-Lo, there’s a new wedding planning sheriff in town! JJ is going open bar for his big night. Watch out now, funny train is rolling into town. What else is JJ going to have there? Music? Cake? This seems like it’s going to be one wild and crazy shindig. You’re so brave JJ, so heroic.

The only people worse than JJ are these types of people.

Yo Swanke, open bars aren’t a Wisconsin thing, they are an every fucking where thing. Not to humble brag myself but I’ve been to no less than a million weddings. Every one of them, open bar. Every. Single. One. If you get invited to an non open bar wedding or a dry wedding. Mail a card and politely decline. Delete their number and never be friends with them ever again. here, I just saved you some time this Christmas season.

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