Iron Pigs Changing Their Name To “Jawns”

NBC Sports Philly:

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs are paying tribute to Philadelphia in a special way for one night only on Sunday, July 7 when they take the field against the Pawtucket Red Sox.  The IronPigs will be changing their name to “Jawn”, a salute to Philadelphian’s roots for calling a person, place or thing – a Jawn.

“Each year, we try to come up with new and exciting jawns for our fans,” said IronPigs President and General Manager Kurt Landes. “We’ve had cheesesteak jawns, Philly Special jawns, bacon jawns and more. We think this jawn is one of our best jawns yet. We can’t wait to see the Pigs wear their Jawn jawns on July 7!”

Hard pass. When they did cheesesteaks and bacon. Fine, I can get down with that, it’s fun and different. Jawn??? Nope, out on that. Might as well make your name the Lehigh Valley Cringes because that’s all we feel. I’ll give them this, the uniform is solid. It goes. The name though, and forcing the whole “jawn” thing is uncomfortable. And the announcement, using the word Jawn a million times. Just be the Iron Pigs, it’s wacky and fun enough.

Off my soap box now.

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