Cry Baby Canadians Are All Upset At The US Women’s Team After Yesterday’s Rout

In case you missed it yesterday, United States kicked Thailand’s tits in. Our ladies beat them by two touchdowns and a missed the extra point. So naturally, if you’re beating the piss out of a team in that type of fashion, you’re going to have a little fun while you do it. The ladies celebrated. Alex Morgan was counting her goals. Which by the way, she scored five. That is five times as many goals as Canada scored yesterday as a team.

So of course a bunch of former Canadian players were all butt hurt over the way that the United States celebrated the record-breaking victory.

Get the fuck out of my face with this. I am so out on Canada this week. Toronto Raptors fans grinded my gears, but this pushes me over the edge. Fuck Canada. We need to build a border, and we need to put that shit up north. No more free rides for those fat frozen Eskimos.

Seriously, our ladies are the defending champs. If they want to have a little fun while they score THIRTEEN goals, I think that’s well within their rights. Also, I pray that we see you in the knockout stage because you do not want this American smoke. From now on, we root for two teams in this women’s World Cup. The United States, and whoever Canada is playing.


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June 29, 2019 10:10 am

Wow, what a fuckwad you are. I hope you have a day job because this is definitely not your calling.

June 29, 2019 10:14 am

By the way, I’m on board with the wall. Build it high and keep all your shit on your side. If only…