Let Us Never Forget This Moment In History

You’re out of your mind if you think I’m not addressing the pile of shit that call themselves Raptors fans. If you weren’t watching the Finals last night, for reason I can’t imagine, here’s a quick timeline.

– KD says he’s going to play

– KD plays and looks really good

– KD aggravates the same injury

– Raptors cheer his injury like a bunch of soulless pricks

After the injury you can even see both Raptors and Warriors players making motions to the crowd, as to say, what are you guys doing? It was a complete embarrassment and I hope Toronto gets their hearts ripped out, stomped on the floor and run over by a car. Hope Drake and the rest of Toronto’s little outside picnic party cries themselves to sleep Sunday night.

I hate to beat the very dead horse but if this happens in Philly, it’s the only thing the national media is talking about. Not the huge 9-0 run the Warriors went on to go from 6 down with 2 minutes left to take a lead. Not Kyle Lowry’s shot at the end that honestly, anyone in the arena would of made a better effort. It hit the BACK of the backboard.

No if this was Philly it would be snowballs at Santa and those tired, lazy narratives. So I’m never going to let this moment in history die. Fuck Toronto and fuck their fans. Every single one of them. Even this guy that took shots at Branded last night and 5 seconds later, whoops, he’s kind racist.

Let me also be very clear about something, if a star player for the other team goes down with a clearly bad injury. You can obviously be happy that the injury is advantageous for your team. But internalize that shit. Don’t clap and cheer like a derelict on national television. Toronto fans obviously didn’t get that memo, so now this is their scarlet letter to wear until the end of time.

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