A Story Of Revenge

Scrolling through twitter as we all do about 500,000 times a day. I came across a tweet that truly made me laugh out loud. It’s a simple screen shot but it’s a complete story. One of heartache, political struggle and lastly, revenge. Take a peek at this emotional roller coaster.

THAT’S RIGHT!! GET WRECKED MEGHAN!! She never stood a chance against this master of warfare. I bet he wakes up every morning, looks in the mirror and just yells “GET WRECKED MEGHAN!!!” Might have it tattoo’d on him. Meghan only has one acceptable course of action here. She has to first swipe right, then lure him into a false sense of security. Get him to agree to a date. When he gets there he’s fallen into the trap.

That is when she reveals there is no date. No, instead it’s a planned debate. He will be completely bewildered, he’ll have no shot of winning. Meghan just destroys him, valid point after valid point. “WE’RE GETTING SODA IN THE WATER FOUNTAINS!!!” The crowd goes ape shit. After he is finished begging for mercy and Meghan has taken back her rightful spot on the 8th grade iron throne, she’ll lean in to his ear and whisper ever so gently, “get wrecked loser.”


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