Will Dak outdo Wentz?

Dak and Wentz. Wentz and Dak. The two have been linked together since day one coming into the league. (Well really 2 days after Wentz was in the league.) But, since Wentz was taken 2nd overall by the Eagles and Dak was taken 135th by the Cowboys the two were destined to be linked.

It seems also that each of them have their fan bases split, but for different reasons.

Eagles fans know Wentz is great, they nearly saw him win the league MVP… But they saw another guy play out of his mind in the playoffs and win them a ring.

Cowboys fans seem to either love or hate Dak. Yes, he wins ballgames but no, he can’t make all the throws. Yes, he’s played every game of his career but no, doesn’t seem like he can “do it all himself.”

On the field Dak has thrown for 10,876 yards, 67 touchdowns to 25 interceptions. Has a career 95.9 QBR and a 66.1 completion percentage. He has also ran for 944 yards and 18 touchdowns.

Wentz has thrown for 10,152 yards, 70 touchdowns and 28 interceptions. Has a career 92.5 QBR and a 63.7 completion percentage. He has also ran for 542 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Dak is 32-16 as a starter and Wentz is 23-17. As you can see Wentz has played in 8 games less than Dak due to injury.

So now it is time (well almost time) for both of these guys to get paid. And recently the Eagles announced they had reached an agreement on a new contract for their QB1..

The deal is:

Eagles fans are happy (for the most part.) They have their guy locked up and it didn’t absolutely kill them in the money department. The deal will make Wentz the 7th QB in the league in terms of money per year.

Now we move on to that guy he will always he linked to. Their numbers on the field are similar. However their GM’s are not…

Everyone knows Jerry Jones loves to make a splash and he is in love with his starting QB. So does this mean he is going to break the bank and crush the Cowboys long term when they do the Dak deal?

God I hope not.

There is no reason that Dak’s deal should be more than Wentz’s. There is no reason that Dak should be over a $30 million dollar a year player. This team has so many other players they need to lock up, along with Dak to pay him that much.

Russell Wilson will be making $35 million a year, Wentz will he making $32 million a year. And I believe Dak should be below both. Especially if he wants his new favorite weapon Amari Cooper (oh yeah and Zeke) to stay on the team with him.

Jerry… Be smart. Dak… Be the “team first guy” everyone says you are. Do the “Dak Deal” but do it smart. Don’t think you now have to compete with and outdo Wentz off the field..


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