Philadelphia Man Gets The Worst Birthday Gift Ever

I mean besides herpes. That is the worst birthday gift ever. But this isn’t a far second place in my humble opinion.

happy bday.jpg

The great thing about this is it can read two totally different ways. First way. Happy Birthday Ass. That has a hint of hostility. Clearly that phrasing suggests that someone has been wronged. Maybe a scorn lover. Maybe a coworker. Maybe both. Anyway you slash it, there is pain behind that paint.

The other way it could read is, Happy Ass Birthday. Which I think invokes the feelings of joy. Like “Hey man, have a happy ass birthday today!” Now the tires being torn to pieces would still lead you to believe someone is pissed off but maybe it’s just a harmless prank. “haha got you, you have to walk to work and are in the hole thousands of dollars. LOLOLOLOL!!!” You know like how friends act.

Well, either way hope this person has one happy ass birthday!!

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