Looking to book a vacation? How about the International Space Station…

Yup. You read the title right. NASA will be allowing private citizens to begin traveling to and staying at the International Space Station!

You will only have to pony up $35,000 a night for a room with a view… Of the earth. I mean that sounds like a bargain no?!

NASA is teaming with private companies Boeing and SpaceX who have been working on creating “space vacations” (I just made that up.)

These companies could charge up to $60 million to get up into space and then the 35K a night to stay aboard the International Space Station.

BBC “The International Space Station is now open for business,” Nasa lead spokesperson Stephanie Schierholz said at a conference in New York, USA.

I want to know who the first people that go up and stay at Hotel Space will be. I mean 60 million for a ride and 35K a night is not chump change. Will Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg be sitting next to each other? Or maybe JLO & AROD will go for an anniversary.

But I do have some questions?

Will the flights be available on sites like Trip Advisor? Will prices be lower on Tuesdays like flights to Florida? What about isle vs middle seats… Will one be more expensive?

What about food for the trip? Will passengers be able to get a damn bag of pretzels for 60 million or will they get charged $7.99?


How about when you get to the ISS? Is it an all inclusive? Does the bar stay open all night long? How’s the food? Does the restaurant have a Michelin Star?

There has got to be like an infinity pool right? I mean imagine literally FLOATING in an infinity pool with a cocktail overlooking… THE WORLD!

Image – USA Today

Before anyone goes out and gets the Venture Card for their Double Space miles and starts bookings trips

We need answers NASA.


Feature Image – stuff.co

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