CLG Manhandle the Defending Champs

Counter Logic Gaming put on a clinic versus TL to improve to 2-2 in the early part of the split and honestly I’m shocked. TL is the defending champs, they have the reigning MVP and made it to the finals at MSI but CLG ran over them all game long. I thought TL drafted very well too, I didn’t love the Karma pick on CoreJJ but it isn’t bad by any means.

clg v tl2.JPG


CLG was already ahead but Jensen getting caught out the top lane followed by TL almost getting aced was where this game was decided. After Jensen gets picked I know hindsight is 20/20 but giving up 5 kills and baron is much worse then just losing Jensen and baron. None of this should have happened.

The crazy part is CLG tried to throw their lead away SO hard. They got cocky, or maybe nervous, at the end of their baron and get run over at Team Liquids inhib. Ending your baron push with -2175 gold is the last thing you want to do and at this point in the game, even though TL has an open inhibitor and have only knocked one turret down my dumbass is convinced they will still win this game. Spoiler, they didn’t. CLG recovered, Impact puked all over himself in the next two fights and that was the game. I thought both Jensen and Impact got outplayed and honestly Wiggly on Sej outjungled Xmithie, too. Bot lane was a wash in lane but the combo of Caitlyn and Viktor to block off paths for TL and W max Lux being as strong as she is right now put way too many hurdles in TLs way.

I’m going to chalk this loss and last weeks loss to Echo Fox up to the lack of preparation the team had because they went so far at MSI but they need to turn this around soon, that excuse only works for so long. They play Flyquest and Optic next week and I expect them to bounce back.

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