Rugby Coach Takes To Twitter To Deny Rumors He Died……For The Second Time

Tough having to take to social media proving that you are still alive. Especially if this isn’t your first rodeo. Think the saying goes, fake my death once shame on you, fake my death twice, still shame on you because I’m alive people. Something like that. But you know what they say, any press is good press. Never heard of Ben Ryan in my life until I found out that he’s very much not dead.

Imagine having to tell the world you haven’t died more than once though? Can’t get over that. Ben here doesn’t have just the most average looking face. Not saying Ben is some big time ug-o, just saying that if I saw Ben in public I’d recognize him. Which makes this even worse:

“The British High Commission in Canada has confirmed the identity of the 47 year old”

Jesus Christ British High Commission in Canada. You have to be better than that. Feel like they just sent some intern down there. He walked in and was like “Yup, that’s Ben. Super dead. Wrap this up.” Just a tough effort all around here except from Ben.

So cheers Ben Ryan, have a great and SAFE weekend.


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