Double Shot At Love With DJ Pauly D And Vinny Episode 10: Stop Nap Shaming

We pick up last week’s dramatic plane turbulence freakout with a completely safe landing and all is well as we head to Pauly’s gig in Texas.

A good majority of the girls get to the hotel and take a communal nap. The other girls that don’t want to nap are being judgey. When you have the opportunity as an adult to take a nap, you do it. There’s no reason to discriminate against people who nap.

Napping always comes with a risk, you might just miss something important in the day if you take a nap at 3pm. Derynn uses her time to visit Pauly’s hotel room where he is just hanging out in a denim jacket with a popped collar. They have an intense makeout session on the couch where a camera crew is filming. The start of a porn that I’m sure has already been parodied.

After the girls who are smart wake up from their naps, they go to the club to watch Pauly D “perform”. Everyone agrees it’s really hot to watch Pauly wear headphones and press some buttons. These girls are getting real horny thinking about living a bottle service, private jet lifestyle. Something tells me Vinny’s visit won’t be as sexual.

There’s not really enough sloppy drunken behavior for my liking and no one really seems that hungover in the morning. Bummer. We head to Staten Island for a boat ride and everyone hates it because it’s cold. Luckily for Vinny he invited pregnant Snooki to dinner and everyone is so excited to meet her they forget he is there.

Snooki pulls out a questionnaire and brings up something I’ve wanted to talk about for weeks, Maria’s boobs. They are undeniably perfect. Totally natural and I don’t even think she even wears a bra. Nothing gets by Snooki.

We say goodbye to Snooki and everyone goes back to Vinny’s house for a sleepover. He has private time with Elle in the car, Alysse on a giant bean bag and with Maria against a pool table. He got way more action in Staten Island than Pauly did at the club, who would have guessed.

The group heads back to the house, probably on a regular commercial flight, and get ready for tonight’s cab ceremony.

Instead of the random group chats, all the girls head downstairs to see whose cab(s) is/are heah. Turns out 2 girls are going home, and first up is Suzi. At least she got the private jet date. Everyone else gets another double shot at love and just Marissa and Brittnay are left. Brittnay starts freaking out and I thought it was because she was mad she is wasting her time on this show where she clearly isn’t into either of these guys instead of being home with her kid. I had declared Brittnay as good as gone during last week’s episode but they still don’t have the heart to call her a cab. I would have bet my life on Marissa staying and Brittnay leaving but just the opposite happens and we lose a real one.



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