Before The Super Bowl, Jay Z Gave Robert Kraft 100 Bottles Of Ace Of Spades

Ring ceremony night is my favorite night of the season. It’s like a class reunion. That’s how far away football season feels at this point. The ring ceremony is an emotional reminder that yes, the Patriots are still World Champions. Some were more emotional than others. Watching Gronk for what may be his last ring ceremony of all time was especially tough. Seeing Trent Brown holding a solo cup cut me to my core. I miss that guy.

Trey Flowers, Chris Hogan, it’s always hard when people move on but then get back together before the season starts. The whole point is to get some really cool professional photos of you and your boys and all your diamond rings.

Per usual Robert Kraft knows how to throw a party. There’s mirrored chairs, ice sculptures, and probably the most diamonds in one room at a time. This isn’t your average ring ceremony with a bunch of guys all showing up to get their first ring and to look at their one Lombardi trophy. Most of the players at the ring ceremony have more than one ring, and they’re all with the Patriots. Devin McCourty has 3 rings, so does Ryan Allen. Our punter has 3 of these things.

So when you have your 6th ring ceremony, you’ve got to come with something a little harder than some Moet Chandon. The Patriots put out a video of RKK is giving a champagne toast to the whole team and apparently it’s all thanks to Jay Z. The way he says “my FRIEND Jay Z” is how you know he hasn’t lost his swag. Just a billionaire owner of the best franchise in professional sports giving a champagne toast at his sixth ring ceremony with 100 bottles of Ace of Spades that Jay Z sent him before they even played the game. Life is good.


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