The NHL Should be ASHAMED

What a fucking joke! A disgraceful performance by the refs in tonights Stanley Cup Finals game. A great hockey game was not only decided but ruined because of clear favoritism by the Refs. Not 1 but 2 no calls on blatant headshots by the Blues, who have clearly been head hunting all series. I mean this no call is a sham and should cost this low life fuck his job.

Berube bitches about the refs and two straight games the refs have not made calls to favor the Blues but tonight is inexcusable. If the NHL wants hockey to be as big as it possibly can you have to do something about this. The games over but this scumbag ref, who without a doubt in my mind had money on the game, needs to be fired. Take his stripes away, he doesn’t have the right to wear them.

Also, the fans throwing shit on the ice is inexcusable unless they were aiming it this dickhead ref.


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