Beyoncé Fans Find The Girl From The Warriors Game Last Night And Harass Her

Beyoncé fans are just different. I think we can all agree on that. They are the scariest people on planet earth. Just no reason and all emotion. And I love Queen Bee but I don’t LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVEEE her like these ladies.

My goodness, girl is just trying to say hi to the King and Queen. Let her be people. If I was siting next to Jay-Z and Beyonce, I’d do anything to chat it up with them. Steph hits a 3, I’d jump up, “What a 3, speaking of 3, the third track on the black album….wow!” I’d be losing my mind, are you kidding me?

Think this all stems from fans that are insanely jealous that this girl has the best seats in the house. Courtside right next to a pair of legends.

Fans that make fan celebrity accounts or do this stuff are the biggest psychos out there. Every time I see this, I think of Wild Bill from Silence of the lambs just dancing around in womens underwear. That’s the entire hive.

PS. Get bent beehive.

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