Hill I’ll Die On:Watching Your Own Kid Is Still Baby Sitting

Well since last week’s Hill I’ll Die On went so well, can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to this. My hill this time is pretty simple, when you are watching your own kids, it’s baby sitting. I’ve gotten into this argument a billion times before.

It’s pretty black and white to me. If you are watching a child, you’re baby sitting. Doesn’t matter if the kid is yours, your friends or maybe some random kid that was left at a park. No matter the case you’re baby sitting. This all started while my wife was pregnant. I told her something along the lines of when the kid gets here I’m going to have so much fun when I’m baby sitting her by myself. And even now, if mama bear isn’t home, I’m on baby sitting duty.

She, like many of you maybe, was shocked. “Baby sitting? But it’s your child.” Yeah yeah yeah, minor details. Still qualifies as baby sitting. Her responses is that it’s not baby sitting, it’s parenting. I disagree. Parenting is like, “Hey baby, when people do something nice you say thank you.” Or something like “Yo baby, when you change lanes, use your turn signals. Every time, don’t be an ass hole.” Boom, you’ve been parented. See parenting is more about raise your kid so they don’t grow up to be a shitty person. You can baby sit a kid with out teaching them life lessons.

When your baby sitting you have one job, keep the kid alive until help arrives. That’s it. I consider myself a great dad. I’m the fun, roll on the ground, do whatever to keep my baby girl happy. But when it comes to the important stuff like, what do I feed her for dinner, I’m not the greatest. My wife comes home and turns into Bobby Flay. She literally turns random food products into 5 star meals. It’s unbelievable. So When she’s not home, it’s all about just keeping the baby alive until the real professional returns.

As you can clearly see, when I’m home, it’s baby sitting. Still not conveinced though? Let me give you an analogy that I think is fool proof. If you borrow your friend’s car and take it to the store. They way you got there was by driving a car. Now if you take your own car, the way you got there is STILL by driving a car. See the action doesn’t change just because of ownership. Driving a car is a driving a car. Baby sitting is baby sitting.

No I dare you to tell me you have a rebuttal to that statement.


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